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Fan art depicting Cursebeard

Arthur, the Cursebeard is known mainly for him being the only Supercurse user ever to have lived.

It is speculated that Arthur is around 1800 years old, since he fought and killed Prometheus.

Arthur is the most powerful man in the world, and the captain of the most dangerous pirate clan, the One-Shot Pirates. After pillaging Borealis and taking over Alalea, he is now also known as the richest man alive.

He and his Pirate Clan rule and protect the majority of the islands in the Third Sea. Although old and basically retired, the player soon finds out that he and his commanders have stepped out of retirement and are travelling to the Seventh Sea to confront and defeat the Dark Wizard.

"Arthur will not be fightable, even if he was fightable, he would not be defeatable." -Vetex


Not much is known about Cursebeard's past except for the fact that he used to be extremely evil, and killed people for the tiniest amounts of Aurem they had. He did get power, while Prometheus did not. The process continued until Arthur ended up being more powerful than Prometheus himself.

With that in mind, Arthur threatens to kill Prometheus if he doesn't create Sea Curses as he knew Prometheus was hiding the true potential of Magic. Prometheus gave in and unwillingly created the Sea Curses, 4 of them supposedly saved for Cursebeard. Eventually, after absorbing his four Curses, which were the Blaze, Ice, Tide and Energy Curses, he kills Prometheus.


Theos, The War Phoenix

Arthur has unspoken respect for Theos for what he had accomplished with only Augmented Magic and neither sides would want to attack each other.

Trigno, The Volcano

Trigno used to be a crew member of the One Shot Pirates, before the clan became extremely rich and powerful. They were searching for Sea Curses, as Cursebeard was a collector. Trigno attempted to obtain a Sea Curse for himself, but was thrown overboard when it seemed he had failed.

Left to rot on a wilderness island called Sand Dune island, it turns out he successfully obtained the Curse, and managed to form an obsidian path on the water to travel. He then lived a few years in solitude before commanding his own ship, the Rumbling Caldera, with very powerful crew members, and Romulus serving as his vice captain.

Associated Quests

Requesting Help

  • Objective: Talk to Arthur, the Cursebeard, who rests in the castle keep of Alalea.
  • Rewards: 1500 Experience Points, 2000 Lamina



  • Cursebeard is the only known Supercurse user to have ever lived.
  • Originally, Cursebeard's theme was set to be "Two Steps From Hell - Invincible" when Arcane Adventures' was still in the works.

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