Arsen is the 3rd division commander of the One Shot Pirates and is a temporary Guard Captain in Alalea. He has a 1/20 chance to spawn when a player destroys any building in Alalea. He is a level 1250 Ash curse user so he cannot be hurt by swords, guns or any physical attacks. Arsen has 18,750 Health points. Upon killing him, the player is given between 400,000 and 3,000,000 lamina and between 5,000 and 15,000 experience.

When Arsen spawns, he will attack the closest player to him, no matter your reputation or who spawned him. He is a good source of Experience and Lamina for those skilled enough.


Attack Names

Attack Explanations Damage

Additional Effects

Ash Drop

Arsen chases and grabs the player, flings them high into sky, and then slams them into ground. 1850-2000  N/A

Ash Downpour

Arsen launches 6 condensed orbs of Ash that each do about 450-500 damage and targets them towards the player, which is difficult to dodge. Once the ash balls impact the ground, a toxic cloud of volcanic Ash is created, which deals DoT in its area.  450-500 (Each) Deals DoT (350 Damage Per Second)

Ash Shroud

Arsen targets a small Ash cloud towards the player, which suffocates the target. 300-400 Deals DoT (300-400 Damage Per Second)


  • There is a way to escape Arsen's ash drop attack, simply use and hold any move that can lock you in place before Arsen slams you into the ground. You can still get damaged and KO'd by the attack, so having more than 2000 health can give you a higher chance of escape.
  • Some grab attacks may instantly defeat Arsen, but this seems to glitch the leveling system as well (saying you leveled up when you didn't at all), turning you invisible, making the overworld blank, as well as listing cannons and buildings as having HP values of 0. It will also instantly grant you the money dropped.


  • Arsen's name is likely a corruption on the word "arson", meaning "to deliberately set fire to property". Arsen's curse supports this, as ash is the residue left behind after a fire.
  • The sword on Arsen's back is the gear Adurite Alterer of Destiny.
  • According to techlevel80, Arsen is one of the weaker division commanders of the One Shot Pirates.
    • This is because he is the Division 3 commander, logically the Division 1 and 2 commanders would be stronger.
  • Arsen's power level is 1,712,035.