Ark Island

Ark Island is a minor island near Judgement Isle. It consists of two parts, connected by a wooden bridge. Near the bridge, you can find Theos, who gives you the third and final part of the quest to unlock your second mind. Other details include 5 chests scattered throughout the island and many orange trees.

Ark island

Ark Island is a fan-made island that was qualified to be implemented into Arcane Adventures along with Moon Cove Isle, and a Wilderness Island with two lakes.

Associated Quests

Training (Part 3)

  • Quest Giver: Theos, found near the bridge on Ark Island
  • Objective: Defeat Theos at his Wilderness Arena.
  • Rewards: 5,000 Lamina, 4,000 EXP; ability to earn a second mind on Judgement Isle.
  • Note, you do not have to finish training part 1, 2 and 3 in order. Just as long as you have all 3 completed you can unlock your 2nd magic.

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