When collecting chests or going fishing, one may stumble across pieces of this armor that may aid the player in their adventures. The standard Archer set is a step up from Leather armor as it provides 15 more defense for each piece. Purchasable from Doom Island. The Deluxe Archer Set gives a lot more defense and can be found in chests or fished up.

Archer Set

Robes created for an archer or a hunter

–Item Description

Boots created for an archer or a hunter.

–Item Description


This is the second armor in-game that the player can get.The first one being the Leather Armor.

Deluxe Archer Set

Exquisite robes created for an archer or hunter.

–Item Description

Exquisite boots created for an archer or hunter.

–Item Description

  • An improved variation of the Archer's Set.

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