Twin black daggers that were cursed thousands of years ago. You can't comprehend the runes engraved on the blades.

Item Description

The Ancient Cursed Daggers is the second legendary weapon to be leaked and obtainable as of update v3.

When collecting chests, there is a slim chance to obtain a Legendary Chart. The chart would be encrypted with a riddle that describes the location of a Legendary Chest. Upon opening, one of the five legendary weapons is granted to the player.


[Left Click]: The user attacks with a single quick swipe with one of the daggers. If clicked consecutively as a combo move, on the 6th attack the user will swipe with both daggers causing a small wave of fire in front of them.

[Q] (Ancient Energy Break):  The user spreads their hands with both daggers in their hands and fires 6 barrage waves of fire. Requires 400 Strength to use.

[E] (Ancient Energy Slash): The user draws the daggers together, releasing two slashes of fire, exploding on impact. Requires 420 Strength to use.


  • The Ancient Cursed Daggers are the second legendary weapon to be leaked and obtainable as of update v3.
  • The Ancient Cursed Daggers seem to use the weapon Azurewrath's Return as a base, but heavily modified
  • This, with the other legendary weapons, were removed in update v3.4.
  • The Ancient Cursed Daggers are composed of ancient Arcanium, so old that it differs from modern Magic Weapons in very large ways. This weapon was created before magic became prevalent, so there is no clear origin as to what magic it conducts.
  • The Ancient Cursed Daggers were brought back in Arcane Adventures' Grand Reopening Update.