The Aggressor is one of the two ghost ships you may find roaming Second Sea at night.


When players near this ghost frigate, it will start to move towards

where it sank. Once it stops again, players are able to swim to its shipwreck and collect the abundant treasure chests that surround the sunken ship.

To prevent abuse, players are unable to find any treasure or ghost item near the shipwreck unless the Aggressor spawns naturally in the server. 

This ship stops to the southwest of Judgement Isle and south of Theos' Arena. 


One will also be able to find the Ruined Justice Cloak inside the cabin, with 2 chests next to it. As on all ghost ships, there is also a Sea Shard on the wreck.


According to Arcane Adventures' Trello:

"An old War Frigate from the A.G.'s Golden Armada. This ship was rumored to have taken on the entire Patch Pirates single-handedly. But alas, it was sunk to the depths along with a rouge Black Ship, that was neigh un-catchable. Rumour has it that The Aggressor still roams the tides to this very day trying to protect citizens of the world."

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